Founder Of Oswal Jain Matrimony

Mr. Prakash Singhvi
Chartered Accountant


Prakash Singhvi / CA Jodhpur founder of this platform along with my team will perform the work as a mission to serve the society at large with full confidentiality and full satisfaction.

We will have techno-friendly website with no complexities and the dedicated relationship manager who will make it convenient to provide suitable profiles of your choices.

A separate in house conference room for the parents and the prospective bride and bridegroom has been made available. In house availability of senior & experienced astrologers. Pandits for Pooja & Anusthan (if required) would be available. Arrangement of video calling conference through suitable application would be also available.



Our Backbone

Neha Singhvi

Sumit Mohnot

Chirag Singhvi


Pooja Jain

About Us platform is as a result of rendering honorary service to the society in facilitating match making to the eligible suiters during last 10 years.

While I was engrossed in this service out of passion I had extensive interaction with the families, arranged meetings, exchanged the inputs like education, family background, job, profession, business, resident besides, height, health, complexion, beauty, smartness between them. I had mixed (sweet & bitter) experience which I don’t feel it appropriate to elaborate right now.

One of the impediment I felt was the paucity of time as I was single handedly doing this work along with my own job, so the idea finally struck to me  was to work in “Socio-professional” manner means to create suitable infrastructure (office, dedicated staff, website) to make it more result oriented.    


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Our Concept

 With the onset of 21st century it is being experienced that life values & values in relations have been badly deteriorated which has eventually impacted the marriage institution also. The old traditions have been ignored. High education, neucleus family emergence of new elite class with parochial thinking’s has created huge hindrances in   materializing marriages in the society. Those who are living far away from their native place or abroad are still tempted, eager to find the relations in their roots. The travesty of the circumstances is that near relatives refrain themselves to even refer any competent match which is very much in their knowledge. In such a scenario need of institution for facilitating an interaction between the families of eligible suiters has arisen so that the information, extensive details, their meetings, astrological views (if required) could be ensured under one roof. We present ourselves with the solution in this regard.


Other Services

Marriage Garden

Pooja Anusthan

Video Conference Room

Astrology Room

Couple Meeting Room

Family Meeting Room

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